Monday, April 27, 2015

Munchkin Loot Letter

Well, how the heck could we resist this? With Munchkin being a beloved game of ours, especially when we're playing with the kids & teens, this was a must-have.

It's basically "Love Letter" Munchkinized. And if you haven't played Love Letter yet, you really should. It is a simple and fun game — small enough to keep on you at all times and pull out in case of gaming emergencies.

Loot Letter is a game for 2-4 players, using only 16 cards. It's a draw-one-play-one game. Each player starts out with one card. The first player (chosen in whatever silly way you want, really) draws a second card from the prepared draw pile ("prepared" because depending upon the number of players, you remove a certain number of cards from the deck so that each round goes a bit differently — remember to return the unused card or cards to the deck before shuffling for the next round).

You choose which card to play: Maybe you have one that lets you see your opponent's hand. Or one that is a high number, so you might want to hang onto it, for the higher the number you have, the better your odds of winning the round. You just basically follow the instructions written on each card. So know your cards! And know what cards are available to the others (this is where the reference cards come in handy). Usually the winner is the last man standing — the person who can cleverly or luckily get everyone else kicked out of the round.

At the end of each round, the winner gets a marker (representing loot), and that person goes first in the next round. First to a certain number of markers (with 2 players you need 7; with 3 players you need 5; with 4 players you need 4) wins the game.

Very fast game, very fun and frustrating at times, but in a good way. We've played This, Love Letter, and Letters from Santa and they are all pretty much the same, just a different theme. So go find a theme you love best! This is mine, and I am gonna keep it in my bag wherever I go. :)

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